Chinese New Year: localization Case Study


Important Phrases and symbols

Like any auspicious day, some specific phrases and symbols are essential to know. The ones to know for this year are:

Chinese Consumer Behaviour

The majority of wealthy Chinese consumers living in high-tier cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, have more disposable wages but are increasingly savvy and prudent about their spending. 60% of Chinese consumers aren’t interested in impulsive spending. They are willing to purchase commodities at a hefty price, but only if the said product is of better quality, without caring about social status or “nice-to-have” products.

Localization Strategies

As China further modernises, festivals and holidays are gradually becoming a time of consumerism, and therefore a perfect opportunity for brands to create localised content and incite the customers’ desire to shop.

  • The Chinese New Year, just like most holidays around the globe, is strongly associated with food and could create an opportunity for merchants to emphasise their products as high-quality, healthy and natural. To add to that, 72 per cent of Chinese urban consumers are actively seeking a healthier lifestyle. Experiential offerings linked with a healthy lifestyle can help your brand big time. For instance, a yoga class as a thank you gift for select customers could help boost your product sales
  • This annual celebration is surveyed as the most massive migration event on the planet, thus making travel an extremely profitable industry. Taking consumers’ love for online ease into consideration, hassle-free consumer journeys. such as online travel bookings and mobile payments functionalities, are key factors to attract Chinese customers.

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Successful attempts at localising for the Chinese New Year

In 2019, Louis Vuitton launched the ‘Pink Pig’ accessories, while Tokyo Disney released a new commodity — featuring the great ‘Pumbaa’ as the main character.

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Source:Spotted fashion

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  • Strathberry, Edinburgh’s Leatherwear brand teamed up with KOL Liang Tao to design two “Sweet Pink Fantasy” Chinese New Year limited edition handbags that sold out within one minute on WeChat during Spring Festival celebration 2017.

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localization doesn’t just stop at payment options and consumer trends. It’s vital to understand Chinese culture and which items are most and least popular. Since the country is also the world’s most populous, you must be able to handle high volumes of orders in the lead-up to Chinese New Year.

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