E-Learning Localization

E-Learning Projects can be of various types. Be it a follow along program, a self paced training, a gamification software or even an in-house corporate training program, Loc-N-Apps offers a one stop shop for all your localization needs.

ELearning Translation Services

Storyline Translation

We Provide Extensive Game localization services, helping your Game adapt to New Markets with ease. From Standard Translation to Quality Evaluation, we ensure a High-Quality experience to all of our clients.

Captivate Translation

Comprehensive website translation and Software localization services for all kinds of businesses. We work with Intuitive market standard UI translations, mobile software localization, QA testing of beta localized versions of your software, and more!

Subtitle Translation

Having extensive experience in the localization Industry, we know exactly what a firm needs when Localising their Training program. Leave a quote to know more!

Voice Over Translation

Our experienced Localising Specialists make sure that your Project gets the treatment it deserves! From Product localization to localization SEO, we provide a One-Stop Shop for all your E-Commerce Needs!

Our Process

Quotation Stage

Finalising the Project structure, Deadlines and Cost for the project, followed by selection of Voice Artist from amongst the various samples provided by us.

File Preparation

Content Export, Voice-over captions, and image text for translations are carried out after receiving a confirmation from the client. The translations and extraction of on-screen SRT files are parallelly finalised for the Visual content.  

Translation & localization

Depending on the Project, a team of translators are handpicked for conducting the whole translation process. The team so formed will then translate the voiceover scripts, course content, graphical content and video-content.

Quality Checks

Thereafter, the files that have been finalised are sent across to our team of professional linguists who make sure that they are up to mark. This is where all errors, if any, are nullified and any necessary modifications are conducted. The project manager will then go through the complete file to ensure accuracy of content.

Voice Over

Once the Voice Over files are recieved, the translation team will then study and make changes as necessary to ensure fluidity in content. The Sound Engineers then take over the VO files and facilitate the audio mastering process.

Client Insights

In order to make sure that the client is happy with the translations, the translations are then sent over to the client on which the client provides feedback as required. The stated changes are then made to the translations.

Project Delivery

The final Project file, after being scrutinized, is now ready to be delivered to the client in the requested format.

E-Learning Localization Tools We Use


Articulate Storyline


Adobe Captivate