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localization Consultancy - Loc'N'apps

Localization Consultancy

Having an experience of more than 20 years in the localization industry, our team ensures that all of your translation are up to certain standards. We have worked with many industry giants, the likes of SEGA, Tenacent and Activision and have thus developed a reputation of being one of the biggest firms in India, dealing in Game localization.

We offer all kinds of localization and Translation services. E- Learning, Website localization, Training Program, Game localization & Software localization, just to name a few.

Our Outlook

Local research & Discovery

A market strategy which is specifically dedicated to extracting information of the new country, it’s social (real & online) consumer behaviour and the prevalent UX expectations. Based on this research, marketing the brand in the new country, while considering the gradation of the local market is essential for successful international marketing.


No matter where you are in your international journey, the technical choices your developers and designers make with your domestic interactive and creative media can make all the difference to how efficiently they localize. Internationalization is about developing media assets that scale for an optimal, localized experience for your international markets, while reducing the cost and turnaround of your localization investment. Get it right from the beginning, and you can produce efficient and effective localized versions every time.

Culturally Inspired Creative

Design and imagery that reflects the new market’s culture will prove to be relatable to the local consumers and thus becomes a huge aspect of the whole localization process. Evaluating the accuracy of authenticity and ethnicity of content while representing the brand can ensure optimal engagement amongst consumers.

Areas of Research

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It is very important for any firm to get it’s fundamentals right. We believe in conducting heavy research before entering into any new market while forming our localization strategy. A glimpse of the kind of research that we conduct is given below.

Intergovernmental & Social Research

Language is one of the most important aspects of social and cultural values of a place & hence, it becomes important for a business to give equal importance and attention to various languages prevailing is the market. Exploring and identifying the preferences of the market helps in choosing the right languages and in turn increasing the translation accuracy and efficiency. Locnapps gives you optimum results by examining the culture’s social, political and historical aspects and time decisions mindfully.

Humanitarian Research

At times our clients require a deep investigation of the cultural and social contexts in which a language lives in order to make complex and high stake decisions as they enter a new market. We produce studies of social and cultural conditions for all of the various parts of the world into which our clients aim to venture so that they are equipped with the information and guidance that they need to ensure success of their initiatives.


Different markets have different rules and regulations regarding their language and its use. It can be difficult for businesses and start-ups to comprehend such a vast array of Do’s and Don’ts. We at Locnapps help you understand the necessary details and technicalities that are required to establish your business in foreign markets and in turn, achieve success!

Consumer Panels & Focus Groups

To start a business and to sustain in the market, analysing market requirements is a necessary step that cannot be foregone. Our team of experts analyze said requirements by carrying out activities, the likes of, conducting consumer surveys and organising panel discussions with native speakers in order to bring out information from the grassroot of the target market. Such activities help in getting the required information from the target audience itself as services like advertisement testing, taste suggestions, service testing and product feedback are regularly performed by our consumer panel.