Our Services


While translating we make sure to preserve the meaning of the document and render the material clearly and accurately to the target language. We make sure that the meaning of the text doesn’t get lost in translation & ensure that it suits the needs of the target market.

Transcreation Services

We provide creative translations and also recreate branded content into the targeted language. This is more than just straight head on translation and includes adapting and reworking text so that it resonates with the local audience while maintaining the original message and focus of the firm.

Website Translation

A firm’s website is its main source of contact with the world. We ensure that our multilingual text translations are personally suited to each culture and transcend geographical boundaries without a sweat.

Multilingual DTP

We produce a wide variety of materials ranging from presentations, user manuals & menus to magazines & books. We make sure that the translated document is faithful to the original one in terms of layout, design & meaning.

Software localization

We translate software to a specific locale’s language culture and legal requirements. As per the requirement, we also modify the user-visible components of software such as user interface, images, documentation, etc.

Multilingual Transcription

We offer multilingual transcription services in over 45 languages. Our services are tailored to our clients from different industries who engage in international business activities. Our multilingual team consists of professionals, excelling at linguistics & having expertise in specialized subject areas.

Remote Interpreter

With our remote interpreter services, the firm is no longer limited by its location. Even at short notice, we make it possible to provide a suitable interpreter at any time via live video conferencing as per the client’s requirement. Our interpreters ensure that the transmission of information and communication amongst parties is conducted properly.

Technical Translation

Our technical translation team is comprised of qualified and experienced professional translators, specializing in varied industries. Along with that, we also ensure the presence of native translators in order to nail the local technical jargons to improve the authenticity of every translation.