Game localization

Different Games.. Different Requirements.. Different Strategy..

Casual/hyper casual games

Casual and hyper casual games engage varied audience and larger demographic. Our specialised Project managers and expert localization language partners ensure that the localization output matches the target locale and average user awareness.

Beyond the existing services :
- Market research and consulting
- Custom style guides that match your game
- Pre-Loc and Post-Loc support.

MMO/RPG and Strategy Games

With a specialist team made almost exclusively with Core Gamers with strong insight of games and target markets, we offer turn key solutions for your large games. We make sure that your localised product is compliant with the intended platform and approved by publisher.

Beyond the existing services :

  • Full Localization project direction and planning including services like
- User interface localization
- User manual and print media localization
- Game script translation
- Graphic localization (DTP)
- Voice-over recording
- Game testing and QA
- Merchandising media localization (website translation, advertisements, etc.)
  • Focus on Familiarisation and Maintaining Franchise Consistency

Indie Games

Together, we analyse your needs and advise you how to make your game the next hit sensation. With a few simple prerequisites like flexible design, correct and adapted code, and the help of specialized translators, together we can make your localized title a huge hit in the global market.

A localization kit will be the starting point for our team, giving us the insight necessary to understand your needs and discuss them with you as we help bring you game to life in new languages.

Beyond the existing services :
- Consulting and Advisory
- Market research and reports

Mobile Games Localization

We make sure that there is a clear understanding and coordination between the project counterparts. We ensure perfect blend of accurate cultural translation, optimal functionality, and ultimate user experience. We focus on special attention to Familiarisation, Timelines, Character limits, screen dimensions, GUI issues.

Beyond the existing services :
- Tailored Project management solutions for your timelines and project needs
- Designated teams for Marketing Updates and Notifications for rapid response and quick turnarounds
- Specialised team assignment based on content identification

Services :


  • Console, PC and Mobile game localization
  • Video games marketing text
  • Video games webpages
  • Indie game
  • Game script translations
  • Graphics localization
  • App localization
  • User interface localization
  • Localization of user manuals and print materials
  • Forum thread translation

  • Google play description translation
  • Image captions translation
  • App meta-data translation
  • Press releases translation
  • Voiceovers
  • Subtitling
  • Social network post translation
  • Game update description translation
  • Wiki translation

Game Culturalization

Game culturalization comprises of three fundamental steps:

Reactive culturalization

Make the content viable; i.e., avoid disruptive issues to allow a game to remain in the target market.

Make the content viable; i.e., avoid disruptive issues to allow a game to remain in the target market.

Localization & Internationalization

Make the content legible; i.e., perform “typical” localization to allow the game to be understood.

Make the content legible; i.e., perform “typical” localization to allow the game to be understood.

Proactive culturalization

Make the content meaningful; i.e., adapt and provide locale-specific options to allow the game to be locally relevant.

Originally, Culturalization considers the following 4 key factors :
1. History: Past and Present
2. Religion and Belief Systems
3. Ethnicity and Cultural Friction
4. Geopolitical Imaginations
In today’s day and age, a lot of other factors translate to very important issues like following :
- Sensitivity towards identity politics
- Sensitivity towards race, creed and religion
- Usage of gender normative terms

Testing and QA

Localization QA | Functionality QA | Compliance Tests


  • Running rigorous checks and tests to ensure that the localized content is error free. Guarantying that locale-specific characters appear correctly, the character lengths are met, text implementation is right and top quality is maintained.
  • As a leading expert in Game Localization & Culturalization, we offer various QA & Testing from teams based out of Europe, US and Canada & India Locations.

Localization testing:

- Making content crisp, intuitive, and smooth and the dialogues should be clear and accurate.
- Our expert team identifies bugs, errors, glitches, or inconsistencies- cultural or regional, security or compliance.

- Original Translator to be part of LQA, to help with accurate shortening and fitment of the text on various buttons & screens.
- Immersive Player Experience guaranteed.

Full Compliance Testing

- Correct implementation of native requirements and standards.
- E .g. naming conventions, spelling and capitalization of native branding terminology, button and control terminology etc.

- Offered in all platform - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch
- Teams are based out of 2 office in Bangalore and Pune

Functionality testing

- Confidentiality
- Secure biometric testing labs
- First Party test kits
- 100 seats (expandable)

- Reporting: Bug tracking, Daily Test Reports
- Regression Testing











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