Professional Website Translation Services

Mobile Site Localization

Mobile surfing accounts for more than 60% of all searches and hence it becomes necessary to formulate and localise the mobile site along with the desktop site of the firm. We at Loc-n-Apps give special importance to mobile site localization and make sure that a firm gets exactly what it needs.

Multilingual Social Media

While localising, it becomes important to cater to the needs of all social and cultural divisions of society. localization has to be carried not only for languages but various dialects as well. Social Media, being the most important method of communication has to be localised in an entirely different manner. Slangs, Colloquial terminology and cultural jargons have to be given extra attention in order to achieve success.


Multilingual SEO plays a very important role when talking about localization and adaption. It is important to recognise the needs of different cultures and to then optimise content according to their language and cultural trends.

Images/ Layout/ Desktop Publishing

Adapting language and graphics to content becomes an important part of localization. The Content’s layout has to be optimised to support RTL (Right-To-Left) written languages and vice-versa. Various other aspects such as graphic localization also play a major role in Desktop publishing and Layout Optimization.

Internal Market Research

Market research forms the basis of the whole localization process. It plays a specially important role while localising websites as tastes and preferences tend to change a lot. The East might prefer an information-filled website whereas the West might go ahead with a minimalistic design.

LocNapps Quality

Our team of highly skilled Localisers and Translators ensure quality translations. Having a team that consists of only native language speakers, we make sure that all translations comply beautifully with local slangs and jargons, making sure that your content has the personal touch that is required for successful localization!

Why Locnapps

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Maximize Reach

With more than 20 years of experience, we have mastered the process of localization. We know not only what the firm wants but what it actually needs. Specializing in creative solutions in everything from applying technology to creating custom-engineered plans, we make sure that the firm gets the maximum reach possible!

Reduce Risk

We make sure that our relationship continues even after the project is complete and hence pay special attention to after-sales service, helping you out, every step of the way. Our rather sustainable pricing models also make sure that the whole localization process does not end up becoming a liability and prove to be a good asset at a reasonable cost to your firm!