What Is Localization Quality Evaluation?


What is Localization Quality Evaluation?

Localization Quality Evaluation is the process conducted to ensure that the localized end product meets certain standards and is optimized and ready for launch/distribution.

Quality Evaluation of a Localized Product is conducted on the following 3 basis:-

1. Language Translation or Linguistic Properties 

2. The Transition of the product  

3. The outcome of the product 




When localizing a product, it is very important to maintain the quality of translations.  

To avoid mistakes in Translations, firms often hire professional linguists and proofreaders. Trying to assess translation quality requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Even the most globe-savvy enterprises with internal Localization departments, resort to spreadsheets and labour-intensive manual processes to evaluate translation quality.

Coors Brewing Company - Find their beer near you - TapHunter

COORS BREWERY, The American Beer company had the slogan ‘Turn It Loose’ which worked well in America but failed terribly in the “Spanish” market. The translation for the slogan changed to ‘suffer from diarrhoea’ when translated into Spanish, which was not pleasing for the Spanish consumers and hence turned out to be a deal-breaker. This just shows how important post-production localization quality evaluation actually is.



of the Product

The change in the product post Localization is called the “Transition of the product”. Sometimes an organization even introduces an entirely new product to lure new audiences.

McDonald's Around the World: McAloo Tikki - Singapore - August 2013

McDonald’s curated the infamous McAloo Tikki keeping in mind the food palette of India. The introduction of McAloo Tikki was a transition to the menu of McDonald’s to achieve success in Indian markets.
This transition is conducted by professionals, assessing and analysing the target market, curating “recipes for success”.



of Localized Product

Industry veterans, specializing in Localization of products offer quality evaluation checks for the Localized end product. They crosscheck the entire product once it has been Localized and is set to enter the market, making sure that it is of certain quality and standard.