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To get thebest of best

Putting together a social gathering of any kind, from employee support to collaboration retreats to a brand awareness product launch can be difficult and demanding for everyone involved. A successful event requires event management, which is a set of abilities that not everyone possesses.

Give Your Reputation a Quick Boost

Locnapps is experts at planning successful and perfect events while ensuring complete client satisfaction. From planning to arranging to execution to making your audience feel valued, acknowledged and privileged, we take care of it all.

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Insights into India Digital Media & Digital Content Ecosystem

NIELSEN in its recent reports says that Rural India has 20% more internet users than Urban areas

Rural internet users in India have grown at 45% compared to urban internet users’ growth which is 28% in total.

Within 6 years, INDIA has become the Leading Nation in doing Digital Financial Transactions.

IAMAI report suggests that over 40% Indian Gamers are spending an average of INR230 each month on Mobile Games.

How we do it

  • Planning & arranging of the events
  • Reliable & Experienced Event Managers
  • Engaging the target audience
  • Strengthening brand identity
  • Managing staff
  • Event communications
  • Budget planning

Services we offer

End-to-end execution of the events
Product launch -online/offline
Product promotions
Annual meets
Official conferences
Team building conferences

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