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Media planning and buying services ensure that businesses obtain the best deals in less time, allowing them to boost their brand value and increase their ROI.

Hit the Bullseye

We develop an efficient and effective buying strategy for the company campaign using calculated planning and strategic analysis. We have a team of talented specialists who find the right targets and trends in order to deliver the right message and generate lucrative sales.

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Influence marketing services you need in order to

NIELSEN in its recent reports says that Rural India has 20% more internet users than Urban areas

Rural internet users in India have grown at 45% compared to urban internet users’ growth which is 28% in total.

Within 6 years, INDIA has become the Leading Nation in doing Digital Financial Transactions.

IAMAI report suggests that over 40% Indian Gamers are spending an average of INR230 each month on Mobile Games.

How do we do it

  • Budgeting
  • Innovative planning
  • Efficient buying
  • Scheduling
  • Analytics & reporting

Services we provide

Digital advertising
Creative development & design
Strategic advertising planning
Experienced media buying
Website development
Branding & printing

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